Friday, July 29, 2016

Here we are in another election year! Boy what a year it is.  I don't think I've ever seen such a controversial "pair" of official DNC and RNC candidates in Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

These two are the BEST we can come up with and how did we get here?  I think a majority of Americans would agree that this election year is "lacking" a strong clear leader.  

What I mean by that is simply this, a leader that can meet certain qualifications that include the following:  inspire, clear direction, knowledgable, quality of character, a history of success, ability to motivate, knowledgable about issues, loves our nation respecting the Constitution and lastly a clear and undeniable love for God our father!  Our candidates are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and neither in my opinion can meet each of the qualifications I listed above, not that my list of qualifications is measured metrically for the actual position but more in a general manner.

Neither candidate meets these qualifications, while both can meet a few of them.  One can argue that they both "inspire" even though both inspire's a different "sect" of our population not across the board, but neither has clear direction, while both are knowledgeable, although Trump's character has some flaws, he's never been in the position that he has broken the "law" or even yet "above" the law.  We know as a fact it's proven that Hillary Clinton has broken the law and believes that she is above it as does her legion of followers.

They both have a history of success in different areas.  Trump has been a huge success in the business  world with a wealth of knowledge in finance and negotiations.  Clinton has been a huge success as a politician, even though she is or was an attorney at one point in her, she has made politics her career.

They both claim to love our nation and I don't dispute that and lastly no one can answer the question with regards to how they view God or even for that matter if either has a relationship with God.  Perception is not always the way life is but it does forbade what is eventually revealed.

I am traditionally a Republican due to my biblical and conservative beliefs.  So it basically comes down to my beliefs in the party platforms and my beliefs are more in line with the Republican party than the Democrats so it shouldn't come as a surprise to family and friends where my vote will be cast!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Aloha - Happy 35th Anniversary

Still can't believe that my husband took me to Hawaii to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary!  It was a fantastic trip.  I was extremely nervous about flying that far though and had a little anxiety attack between Atlanta and Los Angeles.  I finally had to give my anxiety over to Him who sits on the Throne and relax.  It worked, the flight from Los Angeles to Honolulu was much smoother and enjoyable for me.

We were able to share our trip with our best friends, Keith and Sandy Black.  They were so much fun to be with.  We each saw new experiences and visited many beautiful areas of the island of Oahu.  We actually were able to stay on Waikiki Beach, one of the most famous beaches in the world. 

We visited Diamond Head, an older extinct volcano and saw some spectacular views of the island, including
this picture of a lighthouse.  These views were breathtaking.    We were also able to visit a Polynesian Cultural Center that embodied the cultures of many of the outlying islands in the South Pacific including Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, French Polynesia to name a few.

We noticed that the Island of Oahu was a primary vacation destination for the Japanese.  There were almost as many Japanese as there were native Hawaiians.  We took in some of the night life at Jimmy Buffet's enjoying some of their live music and also a concert review show including Michael Jackson, Elvis and Lady GaGa (impersonator's that is).  They were all very good, and we enjoyed the show very much!

The boys ended up going fishing off the coast and Keith caught a 4-foot shark.  Of course the captain didn't let him keep it, they cut the line (wise move), however they did catch other fish and grilled their catch for them on the boat.  

Boy did I say we had a fantastic time or what!!! Can't wait until our 40th Anniversay, where to go?????

Monday, March 31, 2014

Washington DC Trip - 2014

My first trip to Washington, DC was phenomenal!  I recently drove (yes 11.5 hrs) up to DC during the recent AEA vacation to visit our nation's capital.  I was so excited!  I absolutely love history especially American History, what a great opportunity to see our history in person.

I got the opportunity to visit the Library of Congress. The building was gorgeous, the architecture of each of these buildings is unique and very detailed.  I got the opportunity to see the actual book collections of Thomas Jefferson.  He believed that all books contained a great deal of education and insight that is one of the most valuable tools we could ever need.

We next moved to Union Station, which is one of the most historic rail stations in the U.S.  It was pretty large and inviting, with  crowds coming and going.  We didn't get the opportunity to actually ride on one of the trains but we did get to see this piece of history!  We did however decide to eat a snack in the food court, which contained pretty much any type of food you would want!

We next moved onto the Museums, including the Holocaust Museum, and the Smithsonian American History Museum.  While the Smithsonian was great in viewing our own American History, nothing quite compares to the World History involved with the Holocaust Museum.

The Holocaust Museum was a moving experience and contained many articles from that era in history with stories of many that survived the concentration camps and stories of those that empathized with the Jewish people and attempted to save them by either hiding them, or helping them escape the Nazi's.

Anyway you look at it, this was a very "moving and emotional" museum.  We were grateful to have had the opportunity to see it.

We also decided to see the White House even though we are not a fan of the current administration!  The front of the White House was blocked off as we arrived and we lately found out that President Obama had arrived from his recent European tour.  The White House was beautiful and surreal!

On to the monuments, including the Lincoln Memorial, World War II Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, and Washington's Monument.  We have only seen these monuments on TV or in magazines, etc....but those images don't do these monuments justice!

These monuments are huge, very impressive pieces, made of the finest materials.  These monuments are a great reminder of our rich history.

The last place we visited was the Arlington National Cemetery.   We wanted to pay our respects to our nation's fallen soldiers, those that served our country.  We were fortunate enough to visit the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier during the guard changeover.  This ceremony is a very special memorial to these soldiers that have never been identified. The guards that guard this tomb are a select few that pass a rigorous training. Watch below the video that we recorded of this actual ceremony!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Home Project ~ Spring Painting !!!

Here we go again, it's that time to put up new coats of fresh paint in our home.  I think we will start with our son's room first, it's one of the smallest rooms and we will be moving in a new bed next week so it's a great time to make improvements and changes.  We let our son Caleb pick our his color, and he chose an  "off blue", typical for a boy isn't it?

Once we get his room completed we will probably move onto the main bathroom, Court's room and so on.  We will be uploading pics of before and after, it will be sooooo cool (I hope!)

Sunday, February 16, 2014

New Addition to the Family

We have a new addition to our family!  Her name is "Harper".   Harper is approximately 5 months old, chocolate brown with golden colored eyes.  She is already 22lbs. and quite the festive little pup.  Harper is welcomed to the family by Sheba, our Australian Shepherd (it will take her a little adjustment period).  

We are continuing Harper's potty training as started by the former parents.  She is doing extremely well, had only one accident on her first day in her new surroundings but none since ( 3 days later ).   So glad to have her with us, and a huge Thank You to the Jeff Brooks family!

Friday, January 17, 2014

2014 Will be an interesting New Year!

 Herman Cain TVWow 2014 is now upon us and it's already looking like it will be one of the most interesting if not controversial year.  I guess it's safe to say we had better do our homework and research on news worthy items daily.  One of my favorite sites is which is a site that is owned/managed by Herman Cain a former Presidential candidate, check them out daily for the newest scoop.  

I think it's extremely important to gain wisdom through prayer, making yourself aware of ALL the facts when reading or viewing news worthy articles that affect our nation, our culture, our government and our families.

Each one of us is responsible for being knowledgeable stewards.  It's pretty easy to see or hear using the top influential sources in today's world how information can be skewed, that's why we as Americans that hold the values of our Constitution as strongly as we do.

Ask yourself what did you learn about your government, your world, your community, your family TODAY?

Saturday, October 9, 2010

On Assignment for God

Have you ever wondered what your purpose is here on earth? Why me, why was I created, was it merely because my parents wanted to have children in order to fulfill their lives or was it all a part of a master plan by our creator?

I'd like to think we were and are created by our master creator - "God". I have felt a "pull" on my life since I was in my early teens and I stress "pull" not a "call" do not be confused. I think I was merely being pointed in the right direction and my interest being sparked....I mean let's be honest what pre-teen in their right mind is going to sit and watch Oral Roberts and the Day of Discovery on Sunday mornings right? Yep, that's exactly what I did!

I can't explain my inspiration at that age, nor can I explain my desire for a (red) Bible for my 13th birthday. I used to write personal letters to God asking some very intimate questions because in Him I had anonymity.

I think we all have one common assignment, and that's to witness to our brothers and sisters, but what's my actual God Assignment? That's something I'm still seeking through what's our God Assignment?